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Why Joining Living Myth Expeditions?
Discover hidden treasures
For our itineraries we chose world famous as well as secret spots, unknown and difficult to reach to most tourists.
Stay awake
On a daily basis throughout our journey we will work with body and mind, have group circles and share our dreams. We anticipate that these practices will help us feel a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.
Feel safe and dive deep
During our travels you will be in safe hands, accompanied by local guides, as well as by trip organizers, some of which have been exploring these places for many years. This way you can go deeper into the reality of the country and explore its ins and outs.
Learn and share, give and take
We would like to give you a first-hand experience of the country through spending time in local communities. We'll do short but meaningful social projects, have workshops with local masters, learn from farmers, and meet school kids to tell them about our own countries on the other side of the globe.
Open up to other cultures
We are especially interested in local culture and traditions. All our programs have anthropological aspects that give you a chance to experience new ways of being.
Nourish your inner artist
Engage with local traditional arts and get inspired. During our journeys we will meet artists and masters, study traditional crafts and pursue our own creative projects.
Connect with nature
In every program we visit beautiful, off the beaten track places, connect with nature during hikes through the jungle, and go to the top of several volcanoes.
Save money
You will save a lot of money by experiencing a local way of life, and sharing costs of transportation, workshops and tours. Our journeys are more authentic and much cheaper than most tours offered by travel agencies.
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