May 6 - 25, 2015
The Eco-Israel Expedition combined three parts in one trip. The expedition included the festival-laboratory, as well as urban and wild parts. The festival-laboratory was an experimental creative space that provided an opportunity to live on an eco-farm, to work with the individual requests, to realize a creative project, as well as to discover and explore new formats of relationships with people. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, two cities that we visited during the urban part of the trip, are the cities antagonists that argue about the old and the new, the religious and the mundane, about the white Jerusalem stone and the white Tel Aviv Bauhaus. During the wild part of the journey we visited the most beautiful non-touristic natural corners and environmental intentional communities in Israel: Tsivon, Neot Smadar, Harduf, etc.
19 days

Expedition duration
3 parts

Eco Farm Festival + Wild Trip + City Trip

LifeStream, MySelf, Creative Projects

What was it about?
  • During the first week we lived in the educational eco-farm Hava & Adam. This place is often visited by children from different schools as well as Arab and Jewish groups of adults who come to the farm to spend holidays here and to take ecological studies in fields and in the classroom.
  • During the wild part of the journey we drove through the whole country, and in the third part of the tour we visited Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  • We visited and spent a few days in different eco villages and kibbutz.
  • We spent every night in a new place. We slept indoors as well as outdoors.
  • In each new community we cooked and ate together delicious vegan meals and rested well.
  • We also worked for half a day in some communities.
  • We stopped at all three Israeli seas and spent a few hours on each of the beaches.
  • Sometimes we gathered in a circle for conversations and group reflections on various topics.
Expedition Photos

Avraham Maistri

Avraham is a student of Universal Sufism, yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and permaculture. As a community organizer and facilitator, he has experience organizing group trips and retreats, and men's and co-ed circles. Avraham has served as the manager of operations at the Abode of the Message, a Sufi retreat center and community in upstate New York. He has a passion for intentional community living and has spent the summer of 2016 learning natural building at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri.

Sofia Drobinskaya

Lawyer, chef, wool felting artist, organizer of several trips to Israel.
Michael Yoshpa

Michael holds a PhD. in Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry, and Masters Degrees in Biology and Education.
He is a photographer and facilitator of inner development retreats.

Michael is an author and facilitator of several learning laboratories: LifeStream, MySelf, Living Science, and Living Dreams. He teaches meditation, qigong and martial arts.

Vera Pakhomov

Sociologist, researcher, specialist in the field of education for adults, a poet, an aspiring body-oriented therapist.
Lena Kazantseva

Ecologist, poet, vegan cook, organizer of educational camps for children and adults.


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