living myth israel

June 7 - 15, 2016
Living Myth Israel was envisioned as a self-exploratory expedition that took us to many special places in Israel. It was a journey into many dimensions of Land, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Being a birthplace of the Abrahamic traditions, Israel holds subtle mythological clues which point to evolutionary trends and energies that shaped today's humanity. Exploring those clues in the course of a journey together allowed for myriad insights, unequivocal creativity, and fresh outlooks on collective and individual destiny. During the trip we experimented with various arts to purify, revitalize and explore your body, mind, inner dimensions and hidden talents.
9 days

Expedition duration
11 locations

Tel-Aviv, Mamshit, Nahal Pratzim, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Qasr el-Yahud, Lake KIneret, Nachal Samach, Mount Miron,
Pki'in Druze Village, Akziv
5 laboratories

LifeStream, Living Dreams, Beit-Midrash, Spoken Word Poetry, Israeli Cuisine
What was it about?
We began our trip in Tel-Aviv, proceeded to the desert, continued on to Jerusalem, then moved to the Galilee, visiting the Yarden river and the Sea of Galilee, before finishing on a Mediterranean beach in the North of Israel. We had a few short hikes in the Negev desert and in the North of Israel including a moonlit night-time excursion under the starry heaven above. We also visited places considered sacred by world religions, spent time with bedouins and druzes, tasted local cuisine, and even learnt to cook some of the national dishes! We dove into the melting pot of Jerusalem, and explored some truly mythological places, such as the Mount of Olives, Western Wall, Dead Sea, etc. During the trip organisers led various creative workshops for participants.

Vera Pakhomov

Sociologist, researcher, adult education specialist, poet, student of body-oriented therapy.

Michael Yoshpa

Michael holds a PhD. in Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry, and Masters Degrees in Biology and Education.
He is a photographer and facilitator of inner development retreats.

Michael is an author and facilitator of several learning laboratories: LifeStream, MySelf, Living Science, and Living Dreams. He teaches meditation, qigong and martial arts.

Sofia Drobinskaya

Lawyer, organic cook, and wool felting artist.


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