Get inspired by Greek culture and natural wonders,
take a deep look into yourself, your dreams and aspirations,
revitalize relationship with your body and the world

June 8 – 21, 2017
This expedition is an immersion into our Dreaming Selves, an in-depth exploration of dream-healing practices, and a pilgrimage to Asclepius,
the ancient Greek deity of dream healing.
Experience the ancient Greek healing tradition of Asclepius and Hippocrates
Similar to ancient Greek dream-healing practice, our trip will consist of two consecutive parts.

First part of the journey is a weeklong purification retreat at Kos Island, famous for its well-preserved ancient Asclepius temple, Asclepion. Here, as ancient Greeks did, we will undergo Catharsis, the purification stage of the dream-healing process. We will bathe in thermal springs, meditate at Hippocrates sacred tree, maintain a clean diet, and purge our emotions through body-oriented practices and dream-sharing circles.

During the second part of the journey, we will explore Asclepieia in Attica, Corinthia and Argolida, visit Epidaurus – Asclepius' mythical birthplace, where His largest temple is situated, invite the healing presence of Asclepius into our dreams, and deepen our meditation, dreamwork and body-oriented practices.

14 days

June 8 – 21, 2017
5 Asclepieia

Dreamwork at five major Asclepius'
dream-healing temples
4 laboratories

LifeStream, MySelf, Living Dreams,
Conscious Eating &
Spontaneous Culinary Art
We invite you to come up with a creative inquiry, which you will research in laboratories during the expedition. It could be any inquiry, for example:
  • how to understand the meaning of my dreams?
  • how are dreams related to everyday life?
  • how do I creatively approach my current life situation?
  • how are dreams related to creativity and imagination?
  • how to find new avenues of self-expression?
June 8 – 21, 2017

* 14 days

* Participants are expected to arrive to Kos Island for the beginning of the program on June 8, 2017, and depart from Athens International Airport on June 21, 2017. You may arrive to Greece earlier and/or depart later, but you will be on your own for food, lodging, transport, etc.

** Tickets for BLUE STAR 2 Ferry from Kos to Athens/Piraeus Port for 14/06/2017 at 19:45 can be bought here:
This trip is both a retreat and an expedition!
Dear participants, please be ready to spend some of the nights at campgrounds in tents. We will be taking long walks, in search for ancient Asclepieia and other cultural sites. We will also prepare our own food. However, living conditions at campgrounds will be fairly comfortable, and we will not physically overexert ourselves.
Also, please be prepared for deep exploration of body, dreams, creativity, psyche, biography, etc.

Expedition Itinerary
Day 1-3: Kos Island
On Kos Island we will be staying at a cozy seashore family hotel. Here begins our retreat process, which will include daily dreamwork, body-oriented practices, bathing in thermal springs, swimming in the sea, and exploring ruins of a local Asclepion. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was born on Kos Island in 460 BCE. We will have a unique opportunity to experience healing effects of the same thermal springs, which were used by Hippocrates, meditate at Hippocrates Sacred Tree, and explore healing temple of Asclepius, where Hippocrates used to work.
Day 4: Nisyros Island
We will take a one-day trip from Kos to the little-known Nisyros Island, which is an ancient volcano surrounded by the sea. We will bathe in healing thermal springs, explore local Acropolis, and go down into the spectacular volcanic crater.
Day 5-7: Kos Island
Our retreat continues on Kos with daily practices, individual and group work, and island explorations.
Day 8: Athens
In the capital city of Greeсe we will visit Acropolis, and explore its Southern slope in search of Athens' Asclepion.
Day 9: Ancient Corinth
We will visit ruins of the Ancient Corinth, a city, which was inhabited since 6500 BCE. We will explore many points of interest, including Corinthian Asclepion, engage in body-oriented practices, meditate, and hike up a mountain to the temple of Aphrodite for a birds-eye view of the Ancient Corinth and magnificent landscape.
Day 10: Epidaurus
Epidaurus is a mystical birthplace of Asclepius. This city once was the most important healing center of the ancient world. Beautiful landscape and pristine environment provided ideal conditions for healing. Local Asclepion gained world recognition for its unique healing practices, and was one of the most visited healing centers of the ancient time. On its territory situated a well-preserved ancient theater, which is still being used today for various artistic activities. Theatrical performances, provoking strong emotions and deep insights, were considered an important catalyst of Catharsis, a preparatory stage of the healing process. Here we will practice "dream theater", spontaneous dancing and performance. Here we will also snorkel at the sunken part of the Epidaurus.
Day 11: Didyma and Troizin
On this day we will descend to the underworld, visit the Megali and Mikri spilia, the large and small caves at the Village of Didyma. It is still debated today how these mysterious cave holes came into being. We will also explore local Byzantine chapels.
After lunch we'll embark on a quest in search of a rarely visited country-side Asclepion near the village of Troizin. Troizin is a birthplace of Theseus, the hero, who slew the Kretan Minotaur, and later was a great king of Athens.
Day 12: Limnisa
We will spend the last days of our expedition at a quiet family-owned retreat center for writers. This is an ideal place by the seashore for finishing our work and reflecting upon our experiences.
Day 13: Methana
On this day we will visit Methana peninsula, which is of volcanic origin. Its breath-taking landscape is rich with lush vegetation, volcanic vistas, coastal villages, and diverse flora and fauna. We will ascend one of 32 peninsula's volcanoes, and take a farewell bath in thermal springs.
Day 14: Athens
On this day we will find our way back to Athens. It's our last chance to spend time together, to rejoice and celebrate.


Facilitator: Michael Yoshpa

Michael holds a PhD. in Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry, and Masters Degrees in Biology and Education.
He is a photographer and facilitator of inner development retreats.

Michael is an author and facilitator of several self-learning laboratories: LifeStream, MySelf, Living Science, and Living Dreams. He teaches meditation, qigong and martial arts.
How are Living Myth Expeditions different from other tours?
Our expeditions are not your usual travel agency tours. We try to stay away from the crowds and venture to remote destinations. We would love your 100% participation and involvement in co-creating the journey together with us. And what is even more important is that we travel not only far out, but also deeply within. We study and learn how the outer influences the inner and vice versa. We have daily practices cultivating conscious and caring attitude toward ourselves, the group and the world around us.
How many people are in the group?
We travel in small groups of 8-10 people. It is important for us to be aware of every participant and give everyone our full attention. We also invite in an atmosphere of friendship through co-creative teamwork, supporting and helping one another during and after the journey.
Can you tell me more about the expedition?
We create and propose a specific, yet flexible program that can be changed during the trip according to your suggestions and through a consensus among the traveling group. We have two fixed points: place of arrival and departure and the rest is open to improvisation. Traveling by car we are free to go anywhere inspiration takes us. As a part of our daily schedule we'll have three laboratories: MySelf, LifeStream and Living Dreams.
What is MySelf laboratory?
MySelf is a co-creative laboratory facilitating group dialogue to explore our sense of self, to become aware of our inner calling and creative spirit within, to examine our patterns, habits and routines, and to see how current life situation affects our health, inner disposition and creativity.
What is LifeStream laboratory?
LifeStream is a co-creative laboratory for in-depth exploration of the human body. It is dedicated to studying, becoming consciously aware of, purifying, refining and mastering the body's material and subtle dimensions. LifeStream was created by Michael Yoshpa about 10 years ago as a harmonious synthesis of many traditional and innovative approaches, which were developed in the course of his extensive study, practice and research.
What is Living Dreams laboratory?
Living Dreams is a co-creative laboratory for in-depth exploration of dreams and waking reality. It was created by Michael Yoshpa approximately 15 years ago as a synthesis of traditional and experimental approaches.
I have never worked with dreams and body oriented practices, is Living Myth for me?
Our laboratories don't require any previous experience in dreamwork or body-oriented practices. During the expedition all participants will receive individual instructions and necessary assistance.
Where are we going to live?
For our Greece journey we found wonderful accommodations in natural settings at the seashore, far away from crowded touristy spots. During our retreat – the first part of the expedition – we will stay at the family hotel, a yoga center, surrounded by olive groves at the seashore in a remote part of the Kos Island. During our mainland travel to Asklepieia we will live in tents at campsites. And the final part of our journey we will spend at a retreat center for writers, an ideal place for resting and reflecting upon our experiences.
And what about food?
Cooking and preparing our meals together at the Laboratory of Conscious Eating and Spontaneous Culinary Art will be an important activity of our expedition.
What about transportation?
A comfortable minibus will take us around during the trip.
What do I need to know about ferry transportation?
We will have two ferry rides. During the retreat at Kos we will take one-day trip from Kos to Nisyros Island. The round-trip ticket cost is €30. On June 14 we will take an overnight ferry BLUE STAR 2 at 19.45 from Kos to Athens. Ticket cost will depend on a chosen travel class. You can book your tickets at Since all participants need to travel on the same ferry, we strongly recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible!
How much money do I need for personal expenses?
Expedition price includes accommodations, transport and all activities. You will have to pay for international flights, ferries (about €80), and food (about €200).
What should I take with me for the trip?
Please, pack light, comfortable clothing and footwear, suitable for body-oriented practices, trekking and camping. You will also need a camping tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a cup, a bowl, a spoon, and snorkeling gear for the expedition.

We will send you a detailed list after you register for the expedition.


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