L I V I N GddM Y T HddF A Q

How are Living Myth Expeditions different from other tours?
Our expeditions are not your usual travel agency tours. We try to stay away from the crowds and venture to remote destinations. We would love your 100% participation and involvement in co-creating the journey together with us. And what is even more important is that we travel not only far out, but also deeply within. We study and learn how the outer influences the inner and vice versa. We have daily practices cultivating conscious and caring attitude toward ourselves, the group and the world around us.
How many people are in the group?
We travel in small groups of 8-12 people. It is important for us to be aware of every participant and give everyone our full attention. We also invite in an atmosphere of friendship through co-creative teamwork, supporting and helping one another during and after the journey.
Can you tell me more about the program?
We create and propose a specific, yet flexible program that can be changed during the trip according to your suggestions and through a consensus among the traveling group. We have two fixed points: place of arrival and departure and the rest is open to improvisation. Traveling by car we are free to go anywhere inspiration takes us. As a part of our daily schedule we'll have two laboratories: MySelf and LifeStream. In addition to that, depending on the program, we'll have several other workshops, e.g., free movement dancing, meditation, photography, diving lessons, local arts and crafts research, and more.
What is MySelf laboratory?
MySelf is a co-creative laboratory facilitating group dialogue to explore our sense of self, to become aware of our inner calling and creative spirit within, to examine our patterns, habits and routines, and to see how current life situation affects our health, inner disposition and creativity.
What is LifeStream laboratory?
LifeStream is a co-creative laboratory for in-depth exploration of the human body. It is dedicated to studying, becoming consciously aware of, purifying, refining and mastering the body's material and subtle dimensions. LifeStream was created by Michael Yoshpa about 10 years ago as a harmonious synthesis of many traditional and innovative approaches, which were developed in the course of his extensive study, practice and research.
What is Living Dreams laboratory?
Living Dreams is a co-creative laboratory for in-depth exploration of dreams and waking reality. It was created by Michael Yoshpa approximately 15 years ago as a synthesis of traditional and experimental approaches.
What if I'm not in touch with my creativity and have never danced? Is Living Myth for me?
There is no need to worry, our programs are not only designed for people who self-identify as creative and want to boost their creative spirit, but also for those who want to explore their creative potential, but have never done that before. Our expeditions are a great opportunity to try something new. We will support your creative initiatives, and try to help you in every way possible.
Where are we going to live?
One of our main goals is to experience everyday reality of the country we are exploring. And the best way to do so is to be in contact with local people and learn about their lifestyles. Whenever possible we will stay at small guest houses and with local families. On certain parts of our journey we will hike to mountaintop villages and stay overnight in traditional huts, camp in the jungle or on beaches. Another lodging option for us to explore is budget hotels for backpackers where a lot of fellow travelers gather to share experiences.
And what about food?
As in case of lodging, we will try to be in contact with local people and their customs. Most of the time we'll eat in local restaurants. We'll also have a chance to cook our own meals, as well as cook together with our hosts, learning about the secrets of local cuisine.
What about transportation?
Most of the time we will ride in a comfortable minibus equipped with air-conditioning and satellite navigation. But for truly authentic experience we will also try local transportation, like buses, ferries and small boats.
Do I need medical insurance?
We recommend buying a health insurance. You can buy one at cherehapa.ru. Their coverage of $30 000 minimum in medical expenses costs about $50.

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