Yana K.M is an artist and a wanderer originating from Russia. She was trained as a photographer in USA and spent two years researching traditional shadow puppetry in Indonesia and two years exploring contemporary puppetry in Montreal. Currently her artistic practice is a melting pot of Physical Theatre, Performance, Dance, Puppetry and Rituals. Yana has done extensive traveling the globe studying various cultures and art forms while applying an archeological approach of investigation to the self. She is always on the road in search of the miraculous.
After experimenting with many different art media, I chose contemporary puppet theater, because in making this choice, I didn't have to choose! Puppet theater indeed combines so many things that I love: theater, movement, sculpture, fashion, crafts, music, lighting, digital arts ... As a puppeteer, I therefore have to learn to look graceful in wearing many hats. Puppet theater can also be interactive, on site, entertaining, nostalgic, for children or adults, old and contemporary at the same time, sophisticated, funny, silly. And always poetic. This way, puppets can deal with topics that we humans cannot tackle. With their fantasy, puppets manage to inhabit us deeply and whisper directly to the ears of our inner child.
Yana K.M
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