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Life is Pink Life is Blue

do you feel sometimes like you are losing it?

i keep asking myself what i am. if my memories make me who i am then i have almost vanished. there are just a few images left from my past, just a few memories that i do not let go. dead insects in boxes, they cannot find exit from my head. i have a physical proof of them. it is a long time since i started making my own pre-death photo album. every significant moment was captured. was i using the camera to distract myself in disturbing moments of my life? i was telling myself: "i am taking this picture driven by the desire of pure photography, desire to abandon composition, structure, meaning, so just the camera and moment will be the only creators of the image." but i just wanted to keep these moments forever. now i keep asking myself whether forever is still possible.

the project PINK AND BLUE LIFE consists of two parts. the boxes with manipulated photographs are presented in the gallery. each image has an URL address for the title (e.g. the viewers are given an opportunity to keep this title and the image in their memory and reconstruct them later in the privacy of their own space. online they can find the stories behind the images. these stories are told in Russian, my native language, which poesy allows me to keep the feeling of the moment. to translate it into English one has to click on each word individually but after certain number of clicks words start to disappear reflecting the fleeting nature of our memories. the ball of memory and darkness of forgetting, images and words, public and private start to unravel.
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